Agathi Keerai or August tree leaves soup

Agathi Keerai Soup


Agathi Keerai.           One bunch
Coriander.                 One bowl
Butter.                            50 g
Onions.                            3
Tomato.                           2
Pepper powder.              4 tsp
Maida flour.                   3 tsp


Wash and clean the spinach.  Boil all the leaves and filter the water.
Add chopped onions, tomato in pan that has hot butter in it.
Take another pan and spread the butter all over to fry maida till it gets light brown.  Add the water mixed with fried onions and tomato.  Allow to boil the water after adding pepper, salt and coriander leaves.
This soup has a power of giving strength, strong body and healthy digestion.

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