Vegetable Idli

Vegetable Idli

Idli mixed with vegetables fills an empty stomach of any age that has all the nutrients needed for daily energy.  It can be served as a starter or a snack for kids.  A coconut chutney is the best side dish for this main dish.


Mustard seeds.    1 tsp
Gram dal.              2 tsp
Moong dal.           1 cup
Urad dal.               1 tsp
Vegetables like beans, grated cauliflower 2 to 3 florets, black pepper corn 8, carrot, smashed peas, coriander finely chopped  1 cup
Ginger.    1 small piece
Asoefitida  A pinch
Green chilli.    2
Curry leaves required quantity
Oil 2 tsp


Soak 2 cups of I R 36 variety Rice and 1/2 cup of Urad dal separately for four hours.
In a vessel, pour Oil and fry Mustard seeds.  After Mustard seeds gets popped, add Gram dal, urad dal, then stir it with vegetables, gibger, chilli, curry leaves.  Add a pinch of asoefitida with a pinch of salt.  Mix the boiled moong dal with vegetables.  Take the idli batter and pour these mixture in it.


White rice and White lentil are the most important ingredients for making Idli.  White rice is a polished rice packed with 90℅ of Starch or carbohydrates.  It helps to gain weight as well as increase the blood sugar levels in the blood.  The health benefits of white rice is less than brown rice because of processing the grain for many times.

White lentil or urad dal is beneficial for protein rich, iron, calcium and other nutrients filled vegetarian lentil that equals the nutrients possessed in non veg dishes.  For strong and healthy bones, women consider to add this ingredient in the form of sweet, Alwa, etc.

Colourful vegetables are usually rich in anti oxidants, vitamins like A, B Complex, Minerals that boosts the immunity power and stamina in the body.

Dal like Moong dal and Gram dal supplies more energy to the body.  These dal strengthen the muscles, proper functions of body organs and fights causes of the illness.  Asoefitida reduces the cause of gasteric trouble.

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